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Where would we be without concrete? It’s one of the most versatile and essential products for almost all construction projects across the world. It’s a substance that fills our world and can be seen in almost everything we see, but also one that is so easily overlooked.

Concrete is a durable and versatile building material that is found all over the globe. It’s used on some of the world’s most unique concrete structures, and it can be found regularly throughout your neighborhood. With concrete contractors in Griffin GA, they will help you explore all the things that are doable with concrete. You can do any project with concrete.

There are so many uses for concrete. Its applications and uses are more varied and more widespread than you can imagine. There are over 20 different types of concrete that are used in a multitude of construction projects, but what are the most popular applications for it? What is it that makes concrete such an advantageous material to use, and how is it used in both domestic and commercial developments? Let’s take a look.

Origins of Concrete

Concrete, in one form or another, has been with us since 6500 BC. It can be traced back to what is now, the United Arab Emirates, where Nabataea traders created concrete floors, houses, and even underground cisterns.

The Egyptians were using it to build the pyramids in 3000 BC, where they used mortars of lime and gypsum to create their version of cement. It was also used, not surprisingly perhaps, to help construct the Great Wall of China. It didn’t become concrete, at least what we recognize it as today, until the 1800s, but since then, its uses have grown more and more.

1. Footings/Foundation

Concrete is used as a foundation for many homes thanks to its benefits. For instance, the concrete will never burn or rot, so you can always ensure the foundation of your home is strong and durable. In addition, having a concrete basement can provide protection during bad storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

2. Mid-Rise and High-Rise Buildings

Buildings made from concrete are known to be much safer and more durable than those made from other products. In fact, the NRMCA recently launched their Build with Strength campaign that focuses on the benefits of building with concrete—especially when it comes to housing structures. If you want to build your home with a material that offers more security and energy efficiency, then concrete is the right choice.

3. Sidewalks

Sidewalks offer a safe network between neighborhoods. Residents use them to exercise, walk the kids to school, or even take their four-legged friends out for a run. Cities and towns opt for concrete sidewalks due to the material’s durability. Concrete is stronger than any other building material, and these cities can count on the concrete sidewalks to last. Plus, they also know these sidewalks require less maintenance, and this can be nice cost savings.

4. Streets

Cities and states rely on concrete streets as transportation networks. Did you know that more than 60% of the US Interstate Highway System has been built with concrete and that all bridges are constructed of concrete? That’s because this material is durable, safer, and offers better reflectivity at night. In addition, concrete can hold heavier weights, making it a necessity in areas that receive high traffic.

5. Parking

There are plenty of concrete parking lot benefits. It looks much nicer than asphalt and can even provide better lighting, which makes the parking lot safer and reduces lighting costs. In addition, opting for concrete gives your parking lot an environmental edge over the competition.

6. Driveways and Patios

Drive through any neighborhood, and you’ll likely find a house or two with a concrete driveway or patio. Concrete driveways and patios can increase the resale value of your home, and they are known to last longer than those made from asphalt. In addition, concrete can be colored or stamped to give your pavement a unique look that complements your home’s exterior.

Why Concrete has so Many Uses

The applications for concrete don’t stop there. They are only the start. Concrete is so popular in different projects simply because of its adaptability. It’s not sensitive to moisture, can be shaped and molded into almost any design, is affordable, and is recyclable.

It has a very long lifespan, doesn’t release any dangerous organic compounds, and is just as safe for inhabitants. It’s easy to forget the difference concrete has made to our world, but just look around and you’ll see that it’s everywhere.