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Construction projects require a constant supply of concrete, and without it, the construction project will be impossible to complete. Construction projects are usually faced with the issue of how to efficiently handle a large quantity of concrete manually. However, J & W Concrete Contractors has alternatives that are effective in doing their residential concrete projects.

But for the bigger picture, to resolve this issue of manually pouring large quantities of concrete, the use of the different types of concrete pumps at construction sites was invented.

This invention made the handling and placing of large concrete easier. Concrete pumps also made the construction process of tall buildings, skyscrapers, and large construction projects more organized and efficient. The market has different types of concrete pumps available according to the size of the construction projects. There are also many concrete services that allow concrete pumps to be hired.

What is A Concrete Pump?

A Concrete Pump truck is a tool that is used for conveying or carrying the freshly mixed liquid concrete from the containers or the batching plants to the construction sites where it needs to be cast or filled. A concrete pump is a very important tool for big construction projects. The concrete pump is the most used method nowadays for conveying or carrying liquid concrete and has become the most common piece of equipment on every construction site. The concrete pump has expanded the productivity of construction projects, particularly for tall structures like high-rise buildings.

The pump works by one piston bringing the fluid concrete into a cylinder from a hopper or container while the other one simultaneously pushes its concrete out into the release pipes. A valve, which figures out which cylinder is available to the concrete hopper and which one is available to the discharge pipes switches throughout each time the pistons reach the endpoint, and the interaction proceeds with the main cylinder presently releasing and the subsequent drawing new concrete from the hopper.

Nowadays, it is an exceptionally normal sight to see concrete pumps at any construction site. Be it enormous scale commercial projects or medium-sized construction sites, the state-of-the-art concrete pumping machines are similarly compelling and economical for both. Consequently, beyond a couple of years, concrete pumps have assumed control over any remaining methods of moving liquid concrete at the construction sites. There are different uses for different types of concrete pump trucks.

Types of Concrete Pump

There are in general two main types of concrete pumps. They are Line Concrete Pump and Boom Concrete Pump

1. Line Concrete Pump

This type of concrete pump truck pumps the liquid concrete in hoses at about the ground level until the liquid concrete reaches its casting place. In-line pumps the hoses offer the adaptability to wind through alleys and around houses where the truck will be unable to park. 

2. Boom Concrete Pump

The boom concrete pump or boom pump is that type of concrete pump truck that stretches out through the air to pump the concrete where it needs to go. It has a long, adaptable, far-off controlled arm composed of explained sections, and the arm reaches out into the air similar to a crane. Boom pumps can be utilized for the areas which are hard to reach, and where the line pump can’t reach, like the top floors of a high-rise building or apartment complex.

They can likewise reach over houses and into yards for the construction of lawn swimming pools or garden highlights. At the point when the boom isn’t being used, it folds up into slick fragments on the rear of the truck for transport. Workers can drive this sort of pump straightforwardly to job sites, and the putting boom can put the concrete where it needs to be abandoned, requiring the utilization of additional hoses.