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No type of flooring material is truly maintenance free, and the same holds true for decorative concrete. In any concrete installation service like having concrete floors are relatively easy to clean when compared with other types of flooring, especially carpet, but they do require regular attention. How much maintenance your floor will need largely depends on the amount of traffic it receives.

Polished concrete floors serve as a valuable addition to any space. Business owners and residents worldwide are seeking a flooring system that offers durability and design at a reasonable price. In this case, polished concrete floors are perfect for you. This flooring type guarantees long-term use without the need for frequent repairs as long as it gets installed properly and conventionally maintained.

How to Clean Concrete Floors

People who have concrete flooring love how quick and easy it is to clean. The basic steps are as follows:

  • Dust mop, vacuum or sweep to remove dirt and debris from the floor
  • Damp mop with a pH-neutral cleaner and clean water
  • Let the concrete dry before allowing foot traffic or replacing rugs
  • Reapply sealer or floor wax as needed for a protective coating

Basic cleaning is easy to do yourself, but if your project requires special attention, hire a professional.

Cleaning Products that are Safe on your Concrete Floors

  1. A pH-neutral cleaner is best for decorative concrete flooring. Ask your contractor or the sealer or wax manufacturer to recommend their favorite cleaning solutions.

Avoid harsh cleaning products such as ammonia, citrus, bleach, vinegar or pine cleaners because they can react with the concrete and etch the surface. Read more about choosing a concrete cleaner.

  1. Microfiber cleaning pads are recommended for both dry and damp mopping.

In heavy-traffic commercial locations, equipment like an auto scrubber or swing buffer can be used

  1. A steam mop is an option for cleaning concrete flooring without using any chemicals

For stubborn stains try some warm water and dish soap, then scrub with a bristle brush (use a degreaser if necessary)

  1. A wet vac may be helpful on larger projects to remove excess water

Featuring unprecedented strength and a beautiful glossy appearance, maintaining these prominent features of polished concrete floors is imperative. As with any other type of flooring, consistent floor cleaning and surface maintenance is the key to preserving the quality of your polished concrete floors. In other words, there is a likely chance that the time and money you have spent on implementing the polished concrete floor can all go down the drain if you neglect after-care measures. It can have a drastic effect on the renowned gloss of the surface and could also increase the chances for further damage.

Fortunately, cleaning chemicals and floor maintenance equipment exist to assist you in properly maintaining your polished concrete floors without the overbearing stress of doing too much work. It is fundamental that you gather a strategy and make a solid plan to ensure that your polished concrete floors can last you a very long time.

How Often Should You Clean?

Establishing a routine cleaning schedule is vital to determine the steps you need to maintain your polished concrete floor. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, your cleaning frequency should depend on the amount of foot-traffic it receives. Therefore, it is imperative to perform daily rounds of cleaning the floor surface, especially if it carries heavy pressure all day.