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While we can all agree that a lush, green backyard looks gorgeous, grass just doesn’t work for everyone. And the grass is definitely not a requirement for a chic and stylish outdoor space. Whether you skip the grass because of your climate, the care, and upkeep reasons, or simply because of your personal style, there are lots of great options for creating a fabulous grass-free outdoor space. 

One thing you might want to consider is getting a concrete patio. There are a lot of reasons why it is beneficial for you. Easy to maintain, classy, and it is also aesthetically pleasing. With J & W Concrete Contractors, they know what to do with your lawn to make it an amazing patio where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors.

There is still plenty of time to enjoy the summer sunshine in your own private space. The best part about most of these projects is that you determine the scope. You can start with something as simple as adding a few potted plants, or go full out and buy a new set of patio furniture. Even if you just want a weekend project with the kids, there are a number of easy ways you can refresh your patio within a range of budgets. Keep reading for our ideas! 

A Little Paint Can Do Wonders

If you have any space in your home that you want to transform quickly, one of the easiest ways to do so is using paint. The same applies to patio spaces around your home. Instead of leaving it as it is, how about using a coat of paint to transform it. 

Painting such a space has numerous benefits. It makes the concrete patio attractive. Second, there’s no limit to the kind of paint you can use. So, pick out any colors and get to work transitioning the space to what makes you happy. 

Make sure you properly clean the floor before you paint it.  Because of the consistency and texture of the patio paint, you should use a roller to apply the stencil to your patio.

A Large Outdoor Rug

But, as durable and good quality as it is, concrete isn’t appealing. This space will last for a long time, but chances are it won’t make you smile often. It would be best if you had a way of sprucing it up and making it match the inside of your home. 

One way of making the new patio appealing and a place you want to be often is placing an outdoor rug. Invest in one that fits the area well before adding the patio furniture. The good news is there are many designs, shapes, and sizes of rugs to choose from.  The rug will bring the whole area to life. Additionally, you can match it with the outdoor furniture you choose for the patio. 

Get Creative With Patterns

It’s a simple process. All you need is to cut patterns onto fresh concrete before it completely dries up. You can do it yourself or ask the contractor to do it for you. Then, pick the pattern you want and make the space more appealing. 

The best way to make the patterns pop is using scoring that’s mixed with color. Again the right color depends on the theme you want on your patio. Consider the color of the furniture and surrounding space before settling on one or mix several. 

You can use a diamond blade for the process that gives you a good finish. However, you can chisel the lines if you want to get a more rustic look. Just remember this is a more tedious endeavor that takes time to produce results.